Pearl Laser

This is the latest exciting treatment which in controlled fashion, aggressively and safely treats signs of photodamage and a host of other dermal imperfections. Deep lines, pigmentation, acne scarring and skin laxity can all be dramatically improved in one session with downtime of 5 to 7 days.

How Does the Laser Work?

Pearl Fractional penetrates the deep dermis producing a series of micro-columns across the skin, vaporizing and removing damaged tissue. Simultaneously, it heats and coagulates neighboring tissue, reducing operative bleeding.

Immediately post treatment, dermal tissue begins to repair itself. Over time, stimulation initiated by the combination of ablation and thermal coagulation leads to the production of new collagen – resulting in volumetric improvement to reduce the effects of photo-damage.

Patient Results

Patients only require a single treatment for significant improvement in photo-damage and dermal imperfections. Recovery is fast with re-epithelialization during the first 2-4 days post-treatment and most erythema gradually subsiding over 5 to 7 days. Patient downtime is typically limited to one week.

The Pearl Fractional Procedure

During a Pearl treatment, the top layer of the skin is treated with pulses of light. A portion of the epidermis (skin surface) is gently removed and a natural protective dressing is formed on the skin’s surface. Most patients feel a series of brief pinches during the treatments. After 3-4 days, the protective dressing peels off revealing new, healthy, vibrant skin underneath.

The Pearl laser replaces the entire top sun-damaged layer of skin with new healthy skin. Simultaneously, it sends heat to deeper layers of the skin stimulating new collagen growth, filling out and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. New collagen growth continues for 4 to 6 weeks post-treatment. The combination of new skin and decreased wrinkles results in a healthier, more youthful appearance.

Unlike “fractional” treatments, Pearl treats the entire face, minimizing the number of required treatments. Typically, only 1-2 treatments are necessary to renew your skin.

Mechanism of action

These treatment goals can be achieved with the appropriate technology, wavelength, and settings.

  • Ablation: The safe removal of a portion of the epidermis is achieved with a controlled amount of vaporization. 10-30 microns of epidermis are vaporized in this process.
  • Coagulation: Simultaneously, sufficient heat to produce coagulation is generated in the remaining epidermis. Depending upon selected energy, the coagulation region can vary from partial to full epidermal damage. This coagulation region creates a natural protective dressing on the skin that remains intact during the restorative process.
  • Collagen Remodeling: Finally, residual heat in the dermis generates new collagen growth.

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